Reduced Starter Packs!

Reduced Starter Packs during Free Fly Weekend!   In combination with the Free Fly Weekend CIG reduced Prices for some Starter Packs. During the event you can grab the packs with the Aurora MR, the Mustang Alpha and the Reliant Kore for only 41.65$ (37,90€) ! And if you want a Package with Squadron 42 […]

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Free Fly!

Free Fly Weekend (13th to 16th April, 2018)   This Weekend you are invited to play star Citizen for free! The event starts April 13th and is up to April 16th. In this time you get some of the popular Space Ships to fly and test in Alpha 3.1! All you have to do is […]

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Alpha 3.1 is now LIVE!

Alpha 3.1 is now playable for all backers! It is the 1st of 4 quarterly planned Patches this year (like you can see on the Roadmap), and brings in 5 new Ships/Vehicles, Character Customizer, new Weapons, better Performance and many more. So get started into the Verse! Full Patch Notes can be seen here.   […]

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Alpha 3.0 PTU!

Alpha 3.0 is now on the PTU! After a few Weeks of testing in the Evocati Phase, CIG suprisingly released the 3.0 Build to the PTU on Thuesday 23rd! Since now all 1st Wave testers, Subscribers, and Concierge Members have Access. A Guide to Start into the 3.0 PTU from CIG: To play Alpha 3.0, you […]

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Anniversary Sale

Happy Birthday Star Citizen! Star Citizen acclaims its 5th Birthday since Crowdfunding Start. To celebrate this, there is a Aniversary Sale since Friday Nov 24th, with special Sales for a ship manufactor per Day! Plus new Concept Sales like the Anvil Hawk. If you have missed the Start, don’t mind cause there will be all […]

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CitizenCon 2947

The CitizenCon 2947 has revealed awesome new Informations, Facts and deep Looks behind the Scenes of Star Citizen and it’s ongoing development! See Chris Roberts presenting his keynote address: or See the Full Broadcast with all Panels:

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